Company Introduction

Greeting from the President

From compact to large vehicles, we provide secure and trust through dedicated work

With the motto of 'customer first', we provide total support for your car life with thoughtful and careful service with the latest technology.

Through vehicle inspections from compact to large vehicles, body repair/painting, new/used car sales, and various insurance agency services, we will strive to meet the needs of customers with reasonable prices, reliable quality, and reliable delivery date.

We also focus on human resource development to support employees in acquiring qualifications and skills.

Our excellent technicians and experienced staffs will solve your anxieties and worries. We have grown with the development of the automobile industry. Cars are now an integral part of our lives. Please utilize us as a safe and comfortable car life partner.

A-COM Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Iwamoto, President

Company Profile

Company Name A-COM Co., Ltd.
Location 2-3-54 Minamiyoshijima, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0826
TEL +81-82-246-7577 FAX +81-82-241-7558
Establishment December 1972
Capital 10 million yen
Representative Hiroshi Iwamoto, President
Business contents
  1. Insurance and maintenance from compact to large vehicles
  2. Body repair, paint and customization of compact to large vehicles, construction machinery, heavy machinery
  3. Golf club head repainting
  4. Car sales (new and used cars)
  5. Comprehensive insurance handling agency
  6. Hiroshima Prefecture Dealer (refuse car) of ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.
  7. Hiroshima City Bid Permission Office
  • Hiroshima Prefecture Automobile Service Promotion Association member (large car, passenger car, body repair, painting)
  • Hiroshima Prefecture Automobile Body Maintenance Commerce and Industry Association member
  • Air 21 vehicle inspection member store
  • Japan Construction Machinery Rental Association Chugoku Branch (supporting member)
Designated factories
  • Chugoku Transport & Tourism Bureau, Hiroshima Land Transport Office designated factory (Vehicle inspection / general maintenance) Broad 564-1234678
  • Hiroshima Prefecture Automobile Body Maintenance Cooperative, Excellent certified factory
  • AIR Japan affiliated factory
  • Kokumin Kyosai co-op designated maintenance company
  • ORIX Auto Corporation agency
  • SCANIA Japan Service dealer
Number of employees 52 persons (As of March 2021)
  • Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
  • Sompo Himawari Life Insurance Inc.
  • Kanamoto Co., Ltd.
  • TONAMI Transportation Chugoku Co.,Ltd.
  • RYOKI Co.,Ltd.
  • Nishitetsu-unyu Co.,Ltd
  • AKTIO Corporation
  • Seibu Transport Group
  • SANKYO LEASE Corporation
  • Chugoku Truck Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative Society
  • Others
Office / Maintenance factory
Maintenance factory
Large special equipment factory (commonly known as Obama factory)
Development section (Second factory)
Development section (Second factory) 1st floor

Quality Policy

At A-COM Co., Ltd., all staffs' most important goal is to provide excellent service trusted by our customers.

To achieve this goal, we implement the following essential points.

  • Putting the customer's intention first. We will make every effort to ensure safety, quality and delivery time in order to always comply with customer's intention.
  • Make sure to carry out plans, arrangements, and procedures, confirm and reconfirm, and strive to eliminate the problem occurrence.
  • Always have an awareness of improvement for work and quality.

Basic policy for anti-social forces

To prevent damage from "anti-social forces" of groups or individuals who pursue economic benefits through violence, power and fraudulent methods, we declare the following basic policy:

  • We will ensure the safety of officers and employees in response to the unreasonable demands of anti-social forces.
  • In order to prevent damage caused by anti-social forces, we will build cooperation with external expert organizations
    ① such as police, lawyers, and the National Center for the Elimination of Violence,
    ② and entire organization respond with bottom up approach to top management
  • We would not have any relationship with anti-social forces, including business relationships. In addition, we will reject unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.
  • We will firmly take legal action against unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
  • We do not make secret transactions under any circumstances. In addition, we will never provide funding to antisocial forces.

A-COM Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Iwamoto, President

Access Map

Map of Office / Vehicle Inspection / Maintenance Factory

Map of Development section (Second factory)

Access by car

Starting from the intersection of Peace Memorial Park on Peace Boulevard, or Sumiyoshi intersectionon on national road Route 2, go straight to south.

Turn right at the Minamiyoshijima 1-chome intersection and go straight for 250m, you will see our office on your left.

Access by public transportation

At Hiroshima Station South Exit A Home No. 4 Bus stop, take Hiroshima Bus No. 24 bound for Yoshijima Sales Office.

Get off at the "Minamiyoshijima" bus stop, turn left toward Seven-Eleven and go straight. It takes about 40 minutes from Hiroshima Station.